Bernie Ecclestone Set to Scrap F1’s New Qualifying System


F1 Boss Bernie Ecclestone has responded to the recent wave of criticism that was mounted on F1 due to its controversial new qualifying system by promising to scrap it within the next 2 weeks.

The new system was put into place before the Australian Grand Prix, however its limitations were exposed astronomically during the race as the whole circuit became empty of drivers in the last 3 minutes of the race.

Fans had previously rallied behind F1 owners and drivers alike as they unanimously pleaded to the F1 to scrap its new qualifying system.

One of the most notable people who first raised his voice against this system was British driver Lewis Hamilton.

Hamilton claimed that the system was too confusing and that it should not be in place for the upcoming British Grand Prix where the Brit is currently the favourite to win on home soil.

In addition to the drivers who were putting pressure on the F1 to take its decision on implementing the new Qualifying system back, several of their bosses also expressed their fury with the new system.

Mercedes Boss Toto Wolff claimed that the new system that was put into place just before the Australian Grand Prix was “pretty rubbish”.

Red Bull Boss also joined the ranks as he called for the F1 to issue an apology to the fans who had come to watch the Grand Prix.

After seeing such huge pressure and criticism on the new Qualifying system here is what Bernie Ecclestone said:

“It was pretty awful. But it wasn’t my idea at all. I am sure we can change it for Bahrain. We should be man enough – we gave it a try, it didn’t work, let’s find a new way of doing it.”

The British Grand Prix starts in less than 2 weeks time and if claims from Bernie are believed to be true, the new system will be put into place before it begins.

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